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                         Company History

Shenzhen Chunhua Technology Development Company, LTD. is a high tech private enterprise, founded in June 2003. Our company mainly focuses on Hard Disk data research and development. To extend to international advance level, our company owns Software development and project implementation related senior specialists and skilled team. Software engineering guided ideology has established software development and sales services system. In light of company’s long term investment on research & development and it’s enrich business experience, our company provides high quality products and services to our numerous customers. The company has always been to establish the industry software brand and customized services brand as its mission. In June 2005, we take the lead to develop "Seagate" hard disk repair software, which filled the flaw in international hard disk repairing industry. This software is the earliest Windows Chinese version of the domestic hard disk R&D industry. In August 2006, the company developed Maxtor sf firmware version, which is also the earliest Windows Chinese version repairing tool of the domestic hard disk R&D industry, which opened a new history in Chinese hard disk industry.

THR Enterprise Edition is a trendsetter in the development of professional tools for the cloud repair and data recovery industry. According to THR experiments and cooperation with large factories, Chunhua develops large scale equipment for hard disk repair and processing, and through its cloud product line provides customers with the most comprehensive and reliable hard drive repair and data processing in the market. By constantly improving it, THR has set the standard for professional factory repair data recovery tools and is still a recognized leader of enterprise hard disk maintenance and environmental companies.

Product Series: THR-TEST    THR-SAS Enterprise Edition                THR-Seagate          THR-Copye            THR-WD

Our dedicated solution plan combine the best technology available over the past 15 years, World-class enterprise individual hard disk solutions and deep expertise. THR is now the Global Seller.

The secret of our success lies in our team, they are engaged to research and development, and of course our genius and dedicated customers, they are involved with us in establishing the most powerful and effective data recovery solution.

Our company’s business philosophy is “customer supreme, forge ahead”, persist to “customer” principle to provide our numerous customers with quality services.

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