THR-Network Enterprise Edition Product Functions

                                                                                                                                    Base for Decision-Making

Hard Disk Repair

Data Destruction

Data Recovery

Online Use

One-Click Test Operation, Synchronize 1024 Hard Disks Repair, Accurate, Correctly repair a number of disks simultaneously, Automatic generate and print report,

Characteristics: save human cost, Multi-threading, Precise

Mainly use customer service end to realize the hard disk, Mobile, Online data destruction and recovery, safe, Prevent man-made leaks, reliable cloud internet group, completely extinguish the second party, deal with three parties

Under our cloud, adhere, 2 time processing to solve hardware issues, worldwide 56 data centers to protect you

Support multiple and single time maintenance and data recovery, online payment for data destruction, nimble use,  give full value to the platform

Product Features

Base for Decision-Making




Global deployment, care-free data

Regardless where you are, our cloud group repairs your hard disk any time, recovers data, data destruction etc.  accompany you any time

Full End Data, Real time Access

Uses group of global servers, enterprise data integration, all end safety, reliable, accurate

Open-End Customer Services for you

Provides convenient customer service end, online synchronized repairing, data recovery, data destruction, mobile phone online data recovery




Hard Disk Repair Support

Support at the moment, Seagate, Western digital, etc. High level maintenance scheme and private customization etc. SAS  ATA  SSD  2.5 and 3.5

Flexible Analysis, at a Glance

Software foolish behavior, easy to understand at a  glance, economize senior staff, new person can start within 1 hour, save a lot of talent for enterprises and companies

Customization Freedom, Intimate Services

Local deployment can be targeted to develop the individual needs of customers, fulfil  single and multiple use

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